10 Modern Farmhouse Decor MUST HAVE Decor Staples & How to Use Them

Decor pieces that are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways all year long are my favorite pieces!  Investing in decor staples that you can use for everyday looks, but dress up seasonally to refresh your space, is so much fun as well as good on your budget! I'm bringing you my top 10 recommended pieces...



Not sure what a Home Decorating Capsule is?  Think of it as the building blocks of your home decorating that support the foundation of your home decor style.   By investing in quality anchor pieces like these suggested, you have a base to decorate from in every season.  Then it becomes simple to add trendy seasonal pieces around them.  Holiday and everyday decorating becomes a cinch! 

Here is my list of Recommended items for your Modern Farmhouse Home Decorating Capsule… working from #10 to my #1 most recommended decor staple...

10- Big baskets

Rather you choose a wicker basket or a wire one, baskets are a wonderful way to add the farmhouse touch.  Big baskets look great on the bottom of a console table, on your fireplace hearth and even next to the sofa.  They are great for holding color and texture accent pieces like throws, pillows and even organics like greenery or flowers. 

Don’t forget the added bonus that they are a decorative way to keep the clutter and mess out of the way! (aka loose blankets you like to cuddle with on the sofa or all those random things on your kiddo’s bedroom floor!) 

Top:  "Serve the Lord" Pillow Cover & Striped Tassel Throw;   Bottom:  "Family" Pillow Cover;  Right:  Wood Flower (double sided) Banner


9 - Blanket Ladder

A blanket ladder adds a bit of the rustic feel to a room.  Wood is my favorite, but you can also find iron options if that’s more your style.  Not only are these nice for adding throws to add texture and style, but they are also fun ways to display garlands or even a seasonal wreath during the holidays.

Left:  Wood Flower Banner (Double Sided) and Herb Sage Candle Ring/Mini Wreath; Center:  Red Berry Candle Ring/Mini Wreath


8- Large Background sign, board or Window Frame 

In my home, I have a plain whitewashed wood sign that I use as a background on my mantel and more.  (I was spoiled and my handy husband built it for me, but you can find similar things out there.) In some seasons I swap it out for a wood window frame. 

Having a piece with size and height really helps to take your decor to the next level.  A mirror can also work as this piece, you just want something with a neutral background that will give substance and height to your mantel or console table.  A large neutral sign or even a painted wood board can serve as this also.  Base pieces are perfect for anchoring medium sized signs and hanging wreaths from.


 Top:  Wood Flower (double Sided) Banner and greenery  half orbs;  Bottom:  Halloween / Fall (double sided) Wood Sign

7- Tiered Stands/ Risers

This item is probably no surprise, the tiered tray is seen in practically all modern farmhouse decor.  They are the perfect foundation for adding seasonal and everyday touches with some height, particularly to a kitchen counter, table or even an entryway.  

Another nice option is risers.  You can find small shorter ones or some with a lot of style and height.  (Check out our Chippy White Risers in the Shoppe.) 

Some riser sets can even be stacked for a tiered tray effect, but offer the versatility of using separately as well. Risers are so handy when you need to just add a little height to your vignette or centerpiece. 


Top Right:  Chippy White Risers;  Bottom Right:  Chippy White Risers, Wooden Pears, Natural Bead Garland & Turkish Fringe Towels


6- Dough Bowls

If you’ve been around her long, you know I am a lover of dough bowls.  They are so fun to style for every day and seasonally!  There are so many sizes available too that the possibilities are endless with what you can fill them with inside!  They can be styled low and more flat or add tall pieces for the ultimate look.  

I suggest a mid size and large option as a must!  I think they give you the most versatility, but it’s fun to have a little one around for tiny accents too!   Mid sized bowls are great coffee table or shelf or mantel accents and even look great on a smaller dining table.  Large dough bowls make a gorgeous centerpiece on a dining table, large console or an oversized mantel. Check out some of the great dough bowls on our site!

Left and top: Mid sized Decorative Dough Bowl; Right:  The Sheila XL Dough Bowl and Double Sided Plaid Runner

5- Wood Lanterns

Wood lanterns are simply a gorgeous stand out farmhouse decor item.  They create an eye-catching look for everyday and in every season… if you wan’t to awe the neighbors, this is your piece!  Large ones are the perfect centerpiece and they can accent all over your home. 

Our Lantern Set in the Shoppe is a bestseller and it’s easy to see why!  Smaller styles are great for shelves and trays. You can find lanterns with glass walls, doors and my favorite, open lanterns (no glass). They can be hung or styled on a table or shelf.  They even add a beautiful touch outdoors. 


Right side:  Wooden Lantern Set & Herb Sage Candle Rings/Mini Wreaths


4- Kitchen Towel Ladder

Kitchens can be a bit tricky to add color and accents to without getting your countertops overcrowded.  (Do you hate a lot of clutter too?) I find a towel ladder is the perfect way to add personality (fun colors and statements on a towel) to your countertops.  Creating a little vignette with just a couple pieces makes a big statement in your kitchen.  It can even be a simple way to add meaning and inspiration to your kitchen with the right towel. (I love our "Trust in The Lord" tea towel)   

If you haven’t added a towel ladder yet, we have two styles in the Shoppe that are sure to fit the bill.  Be sure to take a look.  

Want more inspiration on using towel ladders in your decorating, be sure to check out our blog post, “8 Ways to Use a Mini Ladder in Decorating.”

Bottom Left:  Rustic Hand Towel Ladder;  Right:  Dipped Hand Towel Ladder


3- Everyday Greenery accents

No home should be without greenery, no matter the season.  Use greenery in pots or vases, as accents in your trays and vignettes and on your shelves.  Greenery pieces that can be used year round are worth investing in.  Some of my favorite greens to use all year include eucalyptus and boxwood, they fit in for every season and are perfect as stems, orbs, garland or even a wreath.  Finding some good leafy stems like lemon leaf or ruscus is always a good choice as well.  Check out our Greenery Collection in the shop for some great starter pieces.  

Left:  Rustic Hand Towel Ladder & Boxwood Mini Wreath; Middle:  Names of Christ Set (8 in all);  Right:  9" Spring Green Half Orb


2- Flat Trays

Trays come in round, square and rectangular shapes.  I would even include flat boards like wood cutting boards or charcuteries into this category.  Whichever you choose, these are a must for decorating.  They can be used everywhere from your dining table, side table or even a kitchen countertop.   They make the perfect base for decorating and help your decor to look finished and collected rather than cluttered.  They can even be great to turn on their side and use as a backdrop in your decorating.

 Left:  Round Beaded Tray; Top Right:  Rustic Hand Towel Ladder, 6.5" Greenery Half Orb, Turkish Fringe Towel


1- Pillar Candle Holders/ Candlestick Set

The number one home decor accent is a beautiful candlestick set.  Candles add a level of cozy to a space, atop a beautiful candlestick, you also add height and style to any setting.  Candlesticks look perfect as part of that dining room centerpiece, on a side table, on the console in your entry or even on a tray on your ottoman.  The best part?  A good set of candlesticks might be a bigger investment, but they are a piece you will use for years and years to come.  

 Top Left: Halloween Collection 2021; Bottom Left:  White Twisted Rope Candlesticks, Reversible Love/Home Banner; Shiplap Heart


I hope this has helped you start thinking about what you want to have in your HOME DECORATING CAPSULE.  You are sure to find these decor staples as anchors to your decorating all year long as well as in the holidays.  Did we miss anything you think is a Farmhouse decor staple?  Was there something you hadn’t thought of?  Tell us your favorites in the comments!


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