The Most Affordable Way to Add Style to Your Kitchen... 10 Places to Use Kitchen Towels

The Most Affordable Way to Add Style to Your Kitchen; photo of kitchen towel over a sink

      You see that darling kitchen towel, but you think, “I don’t need it, it’ll just go in my kitchen drawer anyway.”  Wrong!  You just might be missing the simplest and most affordable one thing you absolutely need to decorate your kitchen!  Kitchen towels are a great way to bring out the style, patterns and color scheme of your kitchen.  They are also a perfect way to change up your decor with the seasons.  Kitchen towels are not just for drying dishes.  Make them a part of your decor!  

      Today I have 10 kitchen spots to use your kitchen towels to add style to your kitchen.  It’s simple, affordable, and heck, even a little fun … I bet there will be a few that you haven’t tried yet!  

  • Sink edge:  This one almost happens naturally, but folding a towel into thirds and laying it over the sink is not only useful, but it adds a splash of color around your sink, a place we typically don't have much color.  Make sure the towel you use here is a sturdy fabric, because it will get lots of use.


    • Oven handle: This is the probably the most common spot people hang kitchen towels because it is a generally a central focal point of the kitchen.  Oven handles often provide enough space for upto 3 towels.  For a simple look, use only one towel, but you can make a lot of impact with layering or using a combo of two or three.  Have some fun here! 


    • Dishwasher handle:  Does your dishwasher have a handle?  If so, you’ve got another spot towels will look sharp!  If you are displaying towels on your oven handle as well, I recommend only using one towel here.  Since this spot is typically next to the sink, your towel here will likely see lots of use, so make sure it’s quality and will do well in the washer.


    • Hand Towel Ladder:   Using a small towel ladder on the countertop can really add to the character in your kitchen!  Used alone or as part of a vignette, this is a simple way to add to your kitchen decor.  This spot also is somewhere it isn’t important that your towel is  “useful” as it will probably only be for display.  If you want a festive towel with pom poms or that phrase that just suits you, go for it!  Put your darling towels right in the line of sight and add some character and personality to your kitchen!  


    • Towel bar:  Towel bars are a growing trend in kitchens.  Have you added one yet?  You will find them on a wall next to the sink or even on the end of the kitchen island or countertop.  Not only are they super practical, but they are a great place to create darling looks with your seasonal decor and kitchen towels.  I love this fun towel bar look here created by my sweet friend Charity @houseonlouisemeadow.


      • Over the cabinet towel bar:  If you don’t have a wall or island mounted towel bar, another great option is to use an over the cabinet door towel bar.   Pick one up at your local home/hardware store and you have a wonderful new spot to place your beautiful kitchen towels!


      • Drawer Handle:  Have you thought of this one?  If you have wide drawer handles, they make a great “towel bar”.  I actually do this all the time in my kitchen!  Use your handle to turn any spot you choose into a towel display.  


      • Trays:  Kitchen towels can be rolled or laid flat to add a punch of color, style or the season to any tray!  Try them out on tiered trays or flat trays.



          • Over a basket or decorative item:  Drape a towel over a basket, wood crate etc. to add a decorative accent to any vignette or display.   
          • Hook:  Rather you purchase a fancy hook or use a simple Command Hook that can be removed easily, hooks are one of the most modern ways to display kitchen towels.  Use them on the end of your counter or on a backsplash.


                It’s not just a kitchen towel, it’s decor!   I hope you enjoy adding this simple touch in your kitchen! 

          We no longer sell kitchen towels, but hope this article was helpful.  Be sure to check out our shop by clicking on our logo at the top!





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          • I LOVE these ideas! Some are new to me! Definitely will try them and share this as well! Thanks for a great blog post!

            As a side note, until I found your shoppe, I hadn’t used a towel ladder! I am still LOVING mine! It has a beautiful finish and is such great quality; I love changing the towels out every month!!

            D. Woody

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