Simple Ideas for Your Easter Table!


We loved getting to be a guest on Utah's own KSL Studio 5 and share ideas for a simple Easter table!   We've linked all the good stuff here for you!

 Click HERE to check out the segment live on KSL Studio 5!

I will be honest, I hate to cook, but my holiday dinner table is my favorite place!  There is something special about gathering your family round a beautiful inviting table and laughing, sharing and making memories together!   

I have so many friends who tell me they get intimidated by setting a holiday table… but it’s easier than you think! 


I have 3 simple steps to your Easter dinner table…

STEP 1:  Start with a Fun Base  

This is your starting point for your table… your base will be the inspiration for the colors you use and will help decide how playful or elegant your table is.

A base can be as simple as a tablecloth that covers the full table. 

My personal favorite though is using a table runner.  There are so many beautiful cloth options available, but today I'm sharing one of my favorite table base hacks...  a paper runner!  Paper runners are a favorite of mine! 


  • Coloring Runners:  I love using coloring runners for the kids table!  It’s the cute look and the activity all in one!  Just unroll!  Some families love them for the family table too... it's a chance for the adults and kids to connect together, chatting and coloring. (Check out our Coloring Runner Collection HERE!)


Our Kidz' Table Collection in our shop has lots of holiday coloring runner options... We have two available for Easter!  Check them out HERE.



  • Wrapping Paper:  Have you ever tried this one?  This is my goto for a simple and easy runner!  There are so many options!  Just run it down the center of your table or even across your table! – You can also cut placemats out of it!  - How fancy or fun of paper your choose will set your table vibe!

Look at this elegant non traditional Easter table I created using a black and white striped wrapping paper!  I'm kind of a black and white lover, but you can stick to the traditional Easter colors if that's more you!


Love these Lamb of God toppers?  Grab them in the shop HERE!


These polka dot placemats on this kids' table were cut out of wrapping paper too!


Kraft paper is also a great option! — Look at this scallop edge paper table runner!  It's such a neutral fun base you can do so much with.  Watch the tutorial to see how I created it... you won't believe how easy it  is.  All you need is paper, a pencil, a Solo cup and scissors!   See a tutorial to make this HERE.



Step 2:  Layer in... don't forget the Napkin Fold!

This is what sets apart a great table from just an ordinary table… layers!  Don't just use a single plate…  Layer placemats, chargers, plates and napkins! Have fun with it! It’s all good to mix patterns and colors and even mix a fun paper plate with your ceramic plates.

    • Napkins… one of my favorite ways to get creative with my layers is napkins!  I love a good napkin fold!  I know what you're thinking, "I can't do that!"   It's not as hard as you think!  Just give it a try!

      • Bunny napkin fold - Isn't this the cutest topper to your Easter plates?!  It's one the kids and grown-ups will both love!  I would call this a medium level fold, but it's totally doable!  It will only take you about 2 minutes to fold!  Click HERE to see the tutorial and make your own Bunny Napkin!



      • Carrot Napkin Fold / Utensil Holder  - This fun Easter napkin fold is super easy!  Even the kids could do it!  I love that it uses paper napkins... perfect for the kids' table!  There's an added bonus too... it doubles as a utensil holder!  Want to make this cute carrot napkin / utensil holder yourself?  Check out our tutorial HERE



      Step 3:  Add the Extras!

      Extras are the "fluff" on your Easter table setting.  This the time to personalize and your surprise your loved ones with fun touches like a favor.  It's also the perfect chance to add more connection points. 

      Here are some great ideas for extras that you can add without all the fuss:

        • Add their name… Add place cards.  A cute Easter idea would be to add an Easter egg on or next to their plate with their name on it.  Adding their name is an easy way to make them feel noticed and wanted.

      We had fun adding names to little Easter baskets that held crayons at the kids' table.   We made this crayon cups with a paper ice cream cup and a strip of colored cardstock!

      Another great idea for personalizing your place setting with a name... Write their name on an Easter egg!


        • Decorative Pieces....  Use a festive ornament or decorative piece on or next to your plates. 
      One of our Easter favorites are our Names of Christ that remind everyone what Easter really is all about.  The large set is perfect as a plate topper and the smaller ornament set is a darling tie onto the napkins.   Click HERE to check them out!


          • Treats... Even just a store bought candy  will add to your table.(How easy!) You can even add your own cute ribbon to tie them in to your table colors better.  Those gold wrapped chocolate bunnies are a super cute treat addition too!


          • Simple activity or game to connect... Make sure the family connects during dinner by giving them something to do or talk about! 

            • Conversation Starters!   This one is easy and so fun!  Fill Easter eggs with conversation starters or even a few Easter themed dares.  Add the eggs to your centerpiece etc... what a fun surprise opening them will be!

         We have a FREE set of Easter Conversation Starters & Dares you can download! Family approved!  Just click HERE, add it to your cart (It's FREE!) and check out.  You will get an email with the download after you checkout. 


          There you go!  Just think about these three things (base, layers and extras) and you will create a table your family will be excited to gather round!


          Happy Easter Friends!

          ♥️ Candace


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