6 Small Touches to Make Your Thanksgiving Table Special + FREE PRINTABLES

Create a Thanksgiving table that isn't just pretty, it's special! 

Let's be honest, sometimes Thanksgiving gets the small end of the stick most of the time...

The kids usually make sure we don't forget to make Halloween extra fun, with costumes, parties, spook alleys and all, it's a holiday many families love.  Then as soon as Halloween is over it feels like you just have to start preparing for Christmas, or you're going to be a stress case!  So, sometimes Thanksgiving is almost glossed over and just becomes a family dinner, not getting the attention it deserves. Does that ever happened at your house too?

Today I'm sharing 6 small touches for your Thanksgiving Table that will turn it from a big meal to a special opportunity to create memories that will last (without overwhelming you)!  Pick one or two that you love (No more lady! We want special, not overwhelm!). You may even decide some of these are your new holiday traditions! 

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#1- Conversation

Yes, when we gather we talk, it's the best part isn't it?  But sometimes it can be a challenge to get some family member talking...  you know the shy cousin that you have the awkward conversations with every year. We love conversation starters as  a way to get meaningful conversation going and get everyone talking.  The right conversation prompts can get you sharing, laughing, reminiscing and maybe even sharing some tears of gratitude.  

Grab some slips of paper and have everyone write one question on it, then pass them out and get talking.

Want something already made?  We are so excited about our Thanksgiving Wood Conversation Leaves Set cuz they not only add a pretty accent to your table and double as a Name Card, but each one has a Thanksgiving themed question to get your table talking.  Grab them HERE


Photo:  @theglitzypear



As part of your dinner, have everyone read and respond to the question on their leaf or if you have a small enough group,  go around the table and have each person at the table respond to everyone's leaf.  They will give the whole family some fun moments to reflect on what you are grateful for and share!


#2 - Name Cards / Place Cards

Personalizing your Thanksgiving table makes everyone feel noticed.  Place cards are a super fun way to do it… let’s be honest, we all like seeing our name… it makes us feel special and that we belong there, even in our families! 

Thanksgiving Conversation Leaves - personalize the plain side with vinyl lettering


These turkey place cards are the original place cards I made with my kids when they were little (look at the size of the hands) and we have kept using them for years!  In fact when new members joined our family, Grandma would just request I make more!  The best part is the kids got involved and helped me make them!


Just trace your child’s  or grandchild's hand onto cardstock and turn it into a turkey.  (add googly eyes, gobbler etc).  Glue onto a cardstock folded tent.   These are super cute and the kids love seeing their hands as part of the table. 

One fun thing you can do to make them even more special is to take the time to write a note to each person inside the cardstock tent, telling them what you are thankful for about them!



#3- A Fun Napkin Fold

Okay,  I love a pretty table… it’s one of my favorite things!  A beautiful table invites everyone in and keeps them wanting to stay… which is what we want!  We want more than just an everyday table for Thanksgiving though…    

Adding a fun napkin will really dress your table up for the occasion.  But doing something fun with your napkin will really stand out!  This pumpkin napkin fold is super easy and looks adorable!

All you need is 

  • a napkin (cloth works best- 16-18” square) 
  • a plain napkin ring (any color cuz you won’t see it; you can cut the end of  a paper towel tube if you don’t have one)
  • a cinnamon stick
  • iron 

Watch how we did it! 




#4 - Favors

Favors are a special trinket for each person.  It’s another way to make them feel special!  We are probably all familiar with the cornucopia as a symbol of plenty; we see it in lots of Thanksgiving decor.  So, let’s turn that symbol of plenty into a favor for our family members!



This favor is a cornucopia treat made from an ice cream cone and then filled with a few Fall candies.  They are super easy to make!  Check out our Instagram Reel below on how to make them or see a full length tutorial HERE from Daily DIY Life. 

These are perfect on or next to each person's plate. Add a special touch by taking a slip of paper and hiding a note to each person inside of their cornucopia!  Everyone loves a surprise like that!



#5- Gratitude Lists

Another fun way to dress up your table setting is to add a Gratitude List to each place setting.  It’s a thoughtful favor and makes great conversation as people start sharing with each other.  Take just a few minutes before or after dinner and have family members fill in their lists with things they are grateful for.  Grab this printable and more at the bottom of this blog post!


I have a friend whose family does this every year, but a fun twist they add is that after family members have filled out their lists, they keep them in an envelope until the next year.  So, the tradition is that every year they create a new list, but they also get to look back on their list from the year before and see what they were thankful for compared to this year.  

Another gratitude idea is to accent each place setting with a note telling the person what you are grateful for about them.  You could also pass out blank cards and a slip of paper with a family member's name to each family member as they arrive.  Before dinner, collect all the cards and place them at each persons seat.  This way everyone writes a card and everyone receives a card.  What a fun tradition this could be. - Grab this printable card & more at the bottom of this blog post!

Tassel Table Runner 

Tassel Table Runner 


#6- Kids table 

The kids table is the place to be, right?!   These are a couple fun touches that are perfect for the kids table…. This is a Thanksgiving coloring Runner in the LemonDropsNLilies.com shop-  Add it to your Thanksgiving table to keep the kids entertained before dinner, then it becomes their table cover for dinner. 



If you don’t want to use it as your actual table cover, it’s still a fun option to bring out before or after dinner and just have for family members to color and chat!  You might find the whole family enjoys sitting and coloring, not just the kids…  I had the chance a few weeks ago to sit and color while I was listening to quite a few hours of speakers and I was surprised how much I really enjoyed it and my teens even jumped in and colored with me a little!  It’s a great way to just relax and enjoy being together!  

These turkey crayon holders are a super fun touch for a coloring table!  These You can grab those in the shop too! 




Alright, it's time to get those tables ready!  Add just one or two special touches that will resonate with their families to make Thanksgiving dinner extra special!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Candace

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