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5+ Ways to style throws to add COZY to your space

Posted by Candace Hafen on


Want a simple way to add a bit of cozy and seasonal style to your space?  Add a throw!  Throws are great to use in creating beautiful and comfortable home spaces like family rooms, bedrooms and even offices.  Now, a throw may seem obsolete when it’s sunny and warm, but even in warmer weather, most of us associate a blanket with comfort and relaxation, so adding a light throw is perfect for bringing that cozy feel to your home.  They also are ideal to add seasonal colors, textures and patterns to a space.  Here’s a tip, choose lightweight breathable fabrics in warmer months (cotton, silk & linen) and thicker fabrics (wool, cotton fleece, knits, cashmere & furs) in colder months.  

Now, how do you style these throws in your home?  Here's 5+ tips for styling them in your home along with some photo examples of a few throws throughout my home this past year...


5+ Ways to display and style your throws to add cozy to your space!

1- A large basket:  Use a basket on a bottom shelf, in a corner, next to the sofa or on a fireplace hearth to store your throws.  Fold throws neatly inside or drape them folded or organically over the outside edge.  You can tuck in a pillow too for an added layer of comfort.  



2- Folded:   For a very proper look, fold your throw neatly into thirds and drape it over the back, arm, or seat cushion of your sofa.   You can center it or shift it to one side.  This works best with throws thin fabrics or flatter knits.  Use alone or layer pillows over it. 


3- Relaxed look:  For a more relaxed feel, here are two good options to get started.  These can be challenging at first to get "just right," because they are a messy look, but don't be afraid to keep playing with it until you like what you see.  1- Grab the center of the throw and let the rest fall down together organically.  Drape this naturally over the arm or back of your chair, sofa, ottoman or basket.  It also can look great over the sofa cushion, flowing onto the floor.  2- Another option is to lay the throw flat and then just pull it loosely together in a loose drape.  Careful, these relaxed looks might make you want to curl up right now with a good book!  The relaxed look is great for an ottoman.  


4- On the bed:  One of my favorite places for a throw is the bed.  I love the look of a throw layered over bedding!  Rather you choose relaxed or folded, a bed is a perfect place for a throw.  Lay it across the bottom portion of the entire bed or simply drape over a corner. 


5- Blanket Ladder:  This trendy look can be lots of fun to play with.  Display your throws on a blanket ladder by organically draping them or folding neatly.  Not only is this a beautiful display for multiple throws, but it’s great because it adds so much color and style, not to mention making it so all family members have something to cuddle with!  Feel free to throw a green wreath over the top of the ladder for an added touch.



I hope this has given you a few new ideas on how to use throws in your home to add that cozy feeling of home.  In the market for a throw?  Be sure to check our Pillow & Throw Collection in the Shoppe.  Check back often for new throws in stock! 






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