8 Ways to Use a Tea Towel / Mini Ladder in Decorating

Pictured:  Our Rustic Hand Towel Ladder in Black stain.


One of our best sellers in our shoppe is our Rustic Hand Towel Ladder.  Do you think a mini ladder is just for your kitchen towels?  There are so many fun things you can do with a kitchen/tea towel ladder! They are a great decor piece not only for your kitchen counter, but they can be an accent for your bath, shelves, mantels and more.  They are versatile and can be used all year long in many unique ways.  Having a hard time seeing past using it on your kitchen counter with tea towels?  Here’s some inspiration for how to use a tea towel / kitchen towel ladder all over your home…


8 ways to use your Kitchen Towel Ladder in your decor:

1- BATHROOM:  Towel ladders aren’t just for kitchens, use them to hold a hand towel in your bathroom.  They look great on your countertop, on a shelf,  or even on the back of your toilet.  You can also add a sawtooth hanger and hang it directly on the wall and then add your hand towels.  



2- WREATH HOLDER:  Have you tried a mini wreath on your ladder?  This honestly is probably my favorite way to use my ladder, even more than hand towels!   Just tie the wreath on with a ribbon or stick a straight pin in the ladder itself and hang the wreath on it.  You can even just loop the wreath over one side of the ladder.  It’s a fun look you can switch out throughout all the seasons by switching your ribbon or type of wreath!

Pictured:  Rustic Hand Towel Ladder
mini ladder with mini wreath

3- SHELF/MANTEL:  A wood ladder is an accent piece, so use it as a layer (with or without anything on it) as you decorate your shelves or mantel.  Large signs or shutters will look great behind it.  Small accents like plants and signs will look good in front of it. When decorating, it’s always good to have a touch of rustic somewhere in your decor, this is a simple way to do it.

Pictured:  Rustic Hand Towel Ladder


4- HANG IT:  Have you tried this one?  Hang your hand towel ladder from a shelf or hook using a rung of the ladder.  Another option is to use an S hook or tie a ribbon or rope to hang it.  You can even add a sawtooth hanger on the back and hang it directly on the wall.  Use it as part of a wall display or hang it from a rod to create a fun look in your kitchen, bath, mud room or wherever! 


5- ADD A GARLAND:  A bead garland, berry garland or greenery garland on your ladder is super trendy and fun.  You can wrap it around a side, lay it over a ladder rung or tie it around your towel.  Switching out your garland with the season is a great way to create new looks.



Mini ladders can be a fun piece for flat trays!  You will likely want your tray to be near a wall so you can lean the ladder, but you can have lots of fun here!  Get creative… lean that decorative gnome against it, wrap a flower stem to climb it or simply use it as a layer.  

tea towel ladder on tray in kitchen


Pictured: Dipped Hand Towel LadderTurkish Fringe Kitchen Towel SetBamboo Bead Garland with Tassels


7- BASKET or BUCKET:    Inside small to medium sized baskets or tin buckets can be a fun place to display your ladder.  Add in a throw for larger baskets or a hand towel and some flowers or greenery for smaller baskets.  This little collection will look darling perched on a mantel, hearth, or on a low sitting shelf.  

mini ladder in bucket of flowers


8 - SHOW OFF SMALL ACCENTS:  Sit a small sign or miniature item in front (or if small enough on a rung) of your ladder.  Wooden tags look great tied on a rung or on a ladder side.  Small decorative pieces like a bird or shape cutouts can also be fun displayed on a ladder rung, just use a piece of double side tape on the bottom of  it to make sure it doesn’t fall off.

Pictured:  Rustic Hand Towel Ladder

Pictured:  Rustic Hand Towel Ladder

I hope this has started your creative juices flowing and you see all the possibilities of using a mini wood ladder in your decorating! Expert tip for you... If you ever have trouble with your ladder sliding where you are using it,  you can always add a glue dot or rubber foot pad to the bottom of the leg.     

If you haven’t added a ladder to your decor yet, be sure to check out our Rustic Hand Towel Ladder  and our Dipped Hand Towel Ladder in the Lemon Drops & Lilies Shoppe!  Need some kitchen towels for your ladder?  Be sure to check out our our collection. 


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Happy Decorating!

♥️ Candace


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