Setting a Back-to-School Table & Why you Should

We just added our Back To School Coloring Table Runner  to the site, so we wanted to kick off the  Back to School season in style!

Want a special way to kick of the school year?  We've got it!


If you didn't know, I'm a former school teacher, so back to school time holds a special place in my heart.  Getting kids excited for school is especially important for creating a positive school vibe, so this tradition is a favorite... a Back-to-School meal (usually dinner the night before, breakfast the morning of or dinner the first day of school). 

 We're here to help you set your Back-to-School table so you are ready!  You know we love a cute and inviting table around here!     


Here are 5 reasons you should set a Back to School table for your special breakfast or dinner every new school year...

  • Creates excitement and anticipation!  and helps your kids get excited for the upcoming school year!
  • Creates lasting memories!  These moments become cherished memories that they will remember, fostering a sense of warmth and connection.
  • Promotes family bonding! A special dinner is an opportunity for the whole family to have fun and connect. It encourages conversation, laughter, and sharing, fostering stronger family bonds.
  • Boosts creativity and imagination!  Spark your children's imagination and artistic abilities. They can help set up the table and express their creativity!
  • Reinforces a positive attitude towards school!  A fun back-to-school table setting and meal is a subtle reminder that learning can be enjoyable and exciting, helping kids begin the school year with a motivated and positive mindset.

And here is a 6th reason... cuz it's really easy!   


Creating a Simple Back-to-School Table Look...

We're sharing a super simple but darling table that will get your kids excited.  We're featuring our Back-to-School Coloring Table Runner, the key piece that is entertainment and an opportunity for family connection as well!  It has lots of coloring fun, places for kids to write or draw and chances to think and dream about the upcoming school year! (Click any of the blue links to check it out.)

This table won't break the bank either... we grabbed most of our supplies at Dollar Tree!


Step One:  The base

When setting a table with a blank coloring runner, we love adding a simple colored plastic table runner.  This one is very thin so the color is mild (Dollar Store runners are very translucent but super affordable.  Walmart or  Target have higher quality and are thicker but cost 2-3x more).   We decided on pale yellow for this traditional Back to School look.  Now, just add your Back-to-School Coloring Table Runner on top!


Our Back-to-School Coloring Runner is sized to fit a 6-7 foot table, but it works great on smaller tables too, just hang it down the sides.  It's filled with fun items to color and even places your child can fill in about friends, things they are excited for and things they want to learn. Take a closer look HERE


Step Two:  Plates, napkins and more

Now, we had to control ourselves to not get carried away here... there are so many fun paper plate options (like pencils!) but we really wanted to keep this table affordable, so we went for a classic red plate (like an apple!). (You could always use glass plates too!) 

We added a green napkin (like the leaves).  We just did a half fold, but you could always get creative and fan it more like a leaf and tuck it under the plate.

We just did a simple clear plastic cup and gold utensils.  We really loved the gold because it ties back to the yellow tones in the plastic cover and the brassy color on school pencils (back in the day people used old fashioned pencils!).  


Step Three:  The Fun Touches -- Accents

We added two simple, but fun touches... the first was to add a place card in a elementary school paper style.  We wrote the names in green marker to tie with the green napkin.  You could always make these extra special with a personalized back-to-school note to your child on the back. --- Get a FREE printable name card download when you buy a Back-to-School Coloring Table Runner! 

The second touch was so easy, Smarties candy!  Yes, if we're gearing up for going to school, Smarties are definitely a perfect treat!  It doesn't hurt that the wrapper has red, tying into our plate. 

Lastly, don't forget to add crayons so the kiddos can color!  We used a simple bucket to hold crayons in the center. 



We hope you loved this simple look!  

    Remember, the intention behind setting a fun back-to-school table is to create a joyous tradition that will get the kids talking, excited and build anticipation for the upcoming school year...  Get those kiddos excited with this new tradition! 

    Hope you have a great Back-to-School season!  Want more inspiration?  See below!






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