A Favorite Tradition: a Birthday Place Setting & Candle Napkin fold!


Unless you are new around here, you probably know we love celebrating birthdays!  In our family a birthday means you choose what we eat for breakfast and dinner and you get to skip chores... that alone is worth celebrating!  That's not all though, we have lots of fun ways we celebrate!


One of the most beloved traditions is setting a birthday table with a special birthday place setting for the birthday person!  First thing in the morning, the birthday person wakes to balloons and a special birthday place set with the big Happy Birthday plate, birthday table runner and birthday goblet with a fun straw! It's tradition!


That's why our ESSENTIAL BIRTHDAY TABLE BOX was one of the first things we added in the shoppe... we wanted to share our favorite birthday tradition with you!  It's such a simple way to do something they will always remember and so easy too!

Click HERE to check out our Essential Birthday Table Box.   If you love celebrating your family and having your own fun traditions, this is one I promise they'll treasure! 



Check out our full BIRTHDAY COLLECTION to see all the fun pieces we have!


Want a fun napkin fold to add to your birthday table?  We're sharing one of the easiest birthday napkin folds... a birthday candle napkin fold!  Click the video to see our Instagram Reel showing how we did it.  I promise it's so easy and will add a super fun touch to your table!  Be sure to turn on the sound! 


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