Halloween Table Decor Staples, Trick-or-Treat table & a Halloween Favor Tutorial

Do you love decorating a Halloween table as much as I do?  It's honestly probably my favorite table to create!  I  don't go out and buy all new pieces every year though, I like using what I have and just adding small touches or maybe 1-2 new things each year.  I buy pieces I can reuse over and over and create new looks... I don't feel guilty buying them that way! 

My favorite Halloween table piece is definitely our Spider Web Placemats from the shop!  Now hold on, that's not just because I have them in the shop... I have them in the shop because I love them that much!  I love the way the thick felt adds depth to the table.  I love how they are a perfect anchor piece to almost any spooky table look.  I love how they just add so much, even if you're just using them!  They are a Halloween staple piece for sure! Whatever your theme, spider webs go if it's Halloween! 


What to add to your Halloween "Capsule" Collection

You've heard of a capsule wardrobe right?  It's a collection of a few great pieces that mix and match with each other to create a variety of looks.  Table decor works the same way.  Versatile pieces are the best.

Looking to start or add to your Halloween "capsule" collection so you have pieces you love year after year?  Here are my Top suggestions for a versatile Halloween table collection:

  • Versatile Halloween Runners:  I suggest having a couple options of Halloween runners you can switch out year after year.  I always love a black and white stripe option!  


  • Halloween Placemats or Chargers:  I like those that don't call out a specific theme, but can fit many looks.  Our Spider Web Placemats are a must have!  Grab them HERE for all your spooky parties, food tables and Halloween meal times. 



  • Cloth napkins:  Black goes with whatever Halloween table, but I love fun ideas of doing a bat fold or a witch fold with black!  Orange or a black and white stripe are also super fun for so many looks. 


  • Pumpkins in a variety of sizes:  Be sure to include some small ones. No matter the look, some Halloween pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns are always perfect.  I focus mostly on pumpkins because then I can use them for Thanksgiving/Fall looks too.



This year's Halloween table... Trick-or-Treat!

Now, are you ready to see what I created this year?  I've made so many fun tables over the years, some simple, some more fancy.  This year's is one of  my favorite though.  When I found these "Trick-or-Treat" mugs in TJMaxx, they were a no brainer... into the cart they went!  They inspired everything from there...

So, here's my trick-or-treat themed table!   

I started with a base of black and white striped wrapping paper!  Yup, you heard that right, it's one of my favorite things to use on tables because it's so wide.  I added a bat runner I got last year on top.  (You can use the code LEMONDROPS for a discount.)


I love layers on a table, so I started the place settings with a woven mat placemat.  On top of it I put my favorite thick Spider Web Placemats from our site.  Then I layered a large plate, an orange napkin and a smaller plate.  Side note, the large black and white plates were a Dollar Tree find!  I don't honestly usually find much there, but I do find they can get some fun dishes and you can't beat the price!


To fill in the center of the table I used a variety of glass goblets and dishes I already had and filled them with primarily orange Halloween candies.  I tried to find candies with variety in sizes and textures (ie: licorice, candy corns and wrapped candies).  I really wanted some Halloween Pixie Stix, but didn't find any. (Maybe you can if you decide to recreate this look!)  Mix in a few small pumpkins and a Halloween berry garland strand and it's just so stinking cute.



Then came the new piece, the trick-or-treat ceramic mugs, my TJ Maxx find and my something new this year.  I love how they tie into the black of the spider webs, the stripes of the paper and the orange of the candies. And let's not forget the cute little spider hiding on the rim.. it's like he crawled off his spider web below the plate.  I accented with a wood cut-out bat (from the shop last year) on the white plate to bring out the black of the Spider Web Placemats again and connect everything even more.


The final touch was to add a personalized candy witch's broom favor at each plate as a "place card" of sorts.   Checkout the tutorial below to see how I made it.  It's so easy and you probably already have the supplies!


Hope you have fun setting your Halloween table this year!  Grab your Spider Web placemats before they're gone!

 ❤️ Candace -Your Tablescape Friend


Want to see some of the creative ways our creator friends have used our Spider Web Placemats?  (They're not just holiday tables!) Click HERE to see a fun blogpost filled with ideas!





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