Birthday Decor Traditions! Simplify Birthday Prep & Look Pinterest Worthy!


I was the mom who did all the big Pinterest worthy themed parties.  I built the pirate ship, I decorated the outside of my house as a castle and I created the great hall from the Harry Potter films.  It was loads of fun!  (And loads of work!)


I don't regret those days.  They created many treasured memories, but they weren't what mattered most to my kids... the simple traditions were.

 I was so busy and so tired... after staying up late one night trying to decorate for the next day's birthdays, it hit me there had to be a better way to decorate and still keep it detailed and darling so my kids felt special, but not feel exhausted.


Creating the Decor Traditions Year after Year

That's when the decor traditions really started.  This is what I figured out, instead of reinventing the wheel every single birthday, have high quality coordinated pieces that can be used every birthday!  Keep them gender neutral so they work for everyone, but you can still add to them, if you want too.  When those pieces come out, everyone knows it's birthday time.

Your family actually will look forward to those same pieces because they become part of the tradition.  This whole idea was the basis for our Birthday Box here at Lemon Drops & Lilies... coordinated birthday pieces that create tradition, beauty and simplify birthday prep for Mom and still look amazing!  



Our Birthday Runner is a must have! 

It's actually double sided with a stripe side and a birthday confetti side with the words "Happy Birthday".  Just throw that on your table and everything already looks festive! 


Want to jazz things up a little more or maybe make it more personalized for your gal or guy?  We love wrapping paper under it too!  It's a simple way to go "all girly", "all boy" or customize it for your family member's favorite colors!



When my daughter celebrated her "golden birthday" (how many years they're turning matches the date) she was so excited!  She was also turning 18 (one of our "Milestone" birthdays) so we went a little grander.  She kept telling me in the days before her birthday that since it was her "golden" birthday we had to have some gold.  So I did!  The classic birthday colors still fit in perfectly and other than a balloon garland, it was already coordinated!


A birthday banner is such a great addition...

No need to spend time creating a handmade sign. Just pull it out every birthday and your family will get excited!

We also love adding the coordinated birthday plate and birthday glass!  Just like that you've got the whole birthday table set to make your birthday someone feel special!  

We do love to add some balloons cuz balloons are a birthday must, but you really don't have to add anything else!


Keeping it Together... "The Birthday Box"

Our favorite thing is to keep all these coordinated pieces and the balloons and crepe paper in what we call our BIRTHDAY BOX!  Everything is just right there, ready to go at any time!  I've even borrowed it to friends to make their birthday special because it's just a breeze... pull out the box and everything is there.

Of course you can curate your own birthday box, but we've already created one for you with everything you need!  Think of all the time you will save on curating and can spend making memories!   You can check it out HERE! 


I absolutely LOVE the Birthday Plate we have in the Birthday Box.  Again, it coordinates with the double sided runner, so we can use it every single birthday!   It's a huge part of our birthday traditions!  I won't get into all the details here because it's all in our Birthday Food Blog Post (coming soon!) but this oversized birthday plate doubles as the birthday person's breakfast plate and then by evening is the cake plate!  It's amazing!


A Few More Fun Decor Traditions... Doorways

Okay. So you can see this momma loves to decorate for birthdays. It's actually one of my kids' favorite parts of their birthdays and this way, it doesn't stress me out.  Everything is ready to go.  All I do is make sure to restock the Birthday Box with the consumables (like birthday balloons and crepe paper) and decorating is so easy!

One of the fun traditions we have is to decorate our kids doorways.   So when they open their door to come out in the morning, they have a surprise!  Sometimes it's a balloon avalanche (Blog post coming soon!) but it might be just streamers and balloons adorning their doorway.  They are always so excited and it's usually the decoration they won't let me take down for days after their birthdays! 

I think it's because it's the first thing they see when they wake up... in the first few minutes or  few seconds of their day they know mom and dad remembered and people care. 


Mirror Messages

Another fun decorating tradition we like and is super simple is to write a message on their bathroom (or bedroom if you can sneak in while they're sleeping) mirror.  

I use window markers, but dry erase markers work too!  What you write doesn't have to be fancy. You don't have to be an artist. Just a little message to be like, Hey, I noticed it's your birthday and you're special.  (I keep my window markers in the Birthday Box  too!)


A Decor Surprise They Will Love!

Okay, one more decor tradition that is so precious!  Not only will your family love it, but it will even make them want to help you take down the birthday decor!  No kidding!

So when you're decorating, we always use balloons, right?  So grab some strips of paper and a Sharpie Marker. Have family member write a one sentence note, fold them up really tight and put into your balloons before you blow them up. 

Do your decorating. At the end of the birthday, the birthday boy or girl can pop their balloons and guess what? Another little special opportunity to be like, "Ah, they love me!"  What a great way to end their birthday.


Do you love these birthday decor traditions?  We hope so!  Comment below and tell us your favorite or share one of your own birthday decor traditions!

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