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Busy Moms, Here are Two Simple Valentine Traditions to Get Started This Year!

Posted by Candace Hafen on

Do you have family Valentine traditions?  At our house, Valentine's Day is a chance to celebrate our family's love for each other, rather than just a couple’s holiday.

Being a busy working mom, I get overwhelmed easily though if creating a special holiday adds too much to my plate. I try to keep it simple, but with pizazz. We like to have an uncomplicated, but special Valentine meal with heart shaped and red and pink colored foods. (I will share more on the meal itself on Valentine's week!) It's a fun way to celebrate together.

One thing I am excited for at this year's dinner is our conversation. I've helped create a set of funny, reflective and sweet, Valentine conversation starters. I can't wait to share them with my family! Some of my best family memories are meaningful conversations we've had together.  The conversation hearts are designed to match with our Valentine Conversation Hearts table decor set that has your table decor all together for you (runner, napkins, and napkin rings).  A printable download of the full set of 24 conversation starters is a free bonus when you purchase the table set, just add food and your special Valentine tradition is ready for years to come!


This year I'm starting the tradition of LOVE NOTES.  The week before Valentine's Day, create a special way for family members to share love notes with one another.  It could be as simple as leaving sticky note messages on the mirror or the door.   You could leave them at one another's door at night.   

Want to make it even more special?  Grab our Love Notes pocket pillow!  Family members can write notes and tuck them into the pocket for each other.  You could even pass the pillow around so when you find the pillow on your bed with a love note, you write a love note to someone else, stick it in the pocket and leave the pillow for them in their room.  I'm getting all the feels just thinking about the sweetness of this pass-a-long tradition! 


Whatever traditions you choose, choose one or two simple ways to add more love to your home this Valentine season. 




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