Create a Scallop Table Runner this Easter


Want to create the cutest Easter table that will connect your guests too?  You can make your own paper table runner that will stun your guests! It's so easy! (And you can really do this for any holiday!)


What you need:

- Length of craft paper or wrapping paper

- Solo cup (or other paper cup or cereal bowl)

- Pencil

- Scissors



Follow these instructions below and be sure to check out the video tutorial at the bottom to see these steps in action! 

  1. Start by cutting your paper the length you want for your table.  Do you want it to hang over the edges or just fit in the center?  How wide do you want it?  (I personally like it about 18" wide and don't prefer it to hang over the ends of the table unless no one will be sitting there.
  2. Using a Solo cup, trace.  (I used a 18 oz cup... use a smaller 12 oz cup for smaller scallops or even a cereal for bigger scallops) and start in the long side corner.  Trace half the cup, then move the cup, lining up the edges.  Do this all the way down (watch tutorial below for help)
  3. Go to the opposite side and do the same thing down that side, but do try to check that you are lining up the scallops evenly with the opposite side you already drew. (Surprisingly, you can get this off if you don't pay attention to it).  If you have a little excess paper that won't fit a full scallop, just use a ruler and cut a straight edge.
  4. I do not recommend trying to scallop the short ends.  It is really hard to keep it right without the perfect measurement of paper.  Cutting it straight will not detract from your table, just adds a clean edge.
  5. Use your scissors to cut out the scallops.  Turn the paper over so there are no visible pencil lines and set your table.


 Watch the video tutorial on You Tube:



Make your table even better!

We love this scallop runner with a simple Easter centerpiece set with Easter grass and Easter eggs.  Add a set of candlesticks for height!  Want to try this darling bunny Napkin fold too?  You can find it HERE on our Instagram. 


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 Hope you make this!  Be sure to come back and comment or tag us on Instagram @LemonDropsNLilies if you try this!  We can't wait to see!


Luvs, Candace



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