Easter is about Jesus! You can enjoy the Easter Bunny and teach Jesus too!

Bringing everyone together to connect, have fun and make memories is the lifeblood of being a mom.  That’s why we love the holidays so much!  

We  love sending the kids on our traditional egg hunt and seeing who finds the coveted golden egg.  We love watching them get excited waking to a filled Easter basket with special surprises.  We also love gathering around a beautifully set table for a yummy Easter family dinner.  

As a mom, it’s always been important to not only enjoy these fun Easter Bunny traditions, but to  be sure our family knows most that Easter isn’t about the Easter Bunny, but about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I am a firm believer that with a little bit of intention, you can do both!  

I am so excited to share with you what I have been working on! I hope it will add to the fun and sweetness of your family Easter, but help you also remind your family the most important part of Easter, our Savior.   

This is our “Jesus Is Easter” Coloring Table Runner.  I have been so giddy to share it with you because it’s just what I wish I had when my kids were younger and just what I would want for my grandbabies (but I don’t have any yet!).   I know it can add real meaning to your Easter!

I designed it with the kids’ Easter table in mind, (But it certainly could be used for a combined adult and child table or even just as a teaching tool).  Not only is it beautiful, filled with fun details like Easter eggs, chicks, bunnies, lambs and flowers, but most importantly, it is filled with JESUS, because JESUS IS EASTER.


It includes coloring pictures depicting moments from Christ’s life, like his miracles, forgiveness, Gethsemane and his crucifixion.  Alongside the pictures from Christ’s life, are Easter eggs with a simple summary of the moment and big key words to color placed throughout.  


For example,  “Jesus was resurrected after 3 days,” is next to the empty tomb and a big word, “tomb,” and "resurrected." 


Small children who aren’t reading yet will likely recognize these moments if you have already taught them about them.  If not, an older sibling, mom and dad or grandparents can enjoy a special minute to sit with them and read to them and take the opportunity to teach them the real hero of Easter

When you cover your kids table with this, you aren’t just providing something for busy hands, you are teaching what Easter is really about and growing faith!

Jump to the site and grab yours now to have it in time for Easter!  Click HERE!   

Oh, but there's more! 

Create an extra special Easter experience



Don't forget the special treats! If  you have made Resurrection Rolls before, you know they can be the perfect yummy Easter treat that teaches.  If you haven't, don't worry, we've got all the details for you!  We're including a downloadable full color recipe and instructions for Resurrection Rolls.  

This super tasty bread treat is a fun way to tell the story of Christ's resurrection.  You bake them with a white marshmallow inside (symbolizing Jesus and his sinless life) and when you open them to eat them, the marshmallow (Jesus) is gone and all that's left is an "empty tomb."

We love the idea of baking them together as you talk about how each step symbolizes a part in Jesus's story of death and resurrection.  Even if you only make them for your family, there is great symbolism to discuss as you eat them.



Love all these ideas but not going to get to spend Easter with your favorite little people? 

There's also a great gifting option if you want to send it to "Some Bunny" special.  Click to the product listing to see more. 


We sure hope you love this bundle as much as we do!  Now you see why I've been so excited to share you!  It's a whole Easter experience! 

Click HERE to grab yours so you are ready to teach and enjoy Easter with your family!





PS - 

Be sure to also check out our Names of Christ for your Easter table!  They are the perfect reminder for all those grown ups and will add a beautiful touch everyone will love!  Want great products like this and faith, family & holiday ideas?  Of course you do!  Join our email list today!


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