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How many chances have you had to really connect with your family this week?  Is there so much going on in between school, kids activities, jobs, church and other responsibilities that time to really connect as a family doesn't happen like you wish?  I want to share with you the priceless solution I have found for my family to connect each week.  It's a time I truly look forward to every week!

Years ago, before I started my family, I was a 6th grade school teacher.  One of my favorite times with my students was the "Fun Friday" we had in my classroom each week.  It was like a week's end themed learning party.  Each week I planned fun, but educational themed activities centered around what we'd been learning.  We had things like Mystery Day, Popcorn & Pajamas and more.  We had lots of fun, laughs and learned and connected.

After I started raising my family and was a stay at home mom, I still felt the same zest for Fridays.  I also knew my husband missed out on a lot of the fun I had at home with my kids all week.  So, we started the tradition of having a "Family Fun Night" each Friday.  It was a fun way to spend time together and celebrate that Dad was off work, school was out and the weekend had started!

As my children have grown, Family Fun Night has molded and changed with them.  Sometimes it's as simple as the family watching a movie together, but other times it's an 8 course French meal at a "French Restaurant" (or kitchen) with grandparents over and watching short movies of our visit to France.  Much of the time though, it's spur of the moment and simple, especially as my kids are turning into teens, hanging with friends more and getting jobs.  Now  we have to be more flexible... sometimes it's just grabbing an ice cream together.  At times, it's not even on Friday nights, but time together is a habit we have created and LOVE.  Things definitely aren't as planned or consistent as they used to be, but the important thing is that we try to find time regularly just to be together, whenever it happens.  These moments to connect though are priceless to me, that's why I want to share them with you.  

If you've followed me on Instagram, you know I've been sharing my love of Family Friday and ideas I hope will inspire for awhile in my Instagram Stories.  I'm excited to bring the Family Friday trend to the blog.   Watch for blog posts on Fridays that share an idea each week for something fun you can do with your family.  It might be a simple but fun game, it might be a theme night idea, but it's bound to bring fun and connection to your family!  Give it a try!  You will so grateful for the memories created, even if you can't do it every week!

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  • Omgosh I love your post about Fun Friday! I am so glad I joined your blog and will get to enjoy your positive happy posts. Boy did I score joining your blog lovers❣️ Thanks for being you and true!


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