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Family Friday Fun - Halloween Kick-off

Posted by Candace Hafen on

Halloween is one of our favorite holiday times because it's filled with traditions! This first Friday in October is a great time to start some of your own holiday traditions. Choose one or more of the ideas on this list and do it every year. Your family will look forward to not just the candy on Halloween, but the closeness it brings between all of you as you have fun together.

 Here are a few of our favorites: 

 - Decorate the house Halloween style!   A Halloween house will absolutely kick off the season with style and fun!  Need some décor?  Check out our  Halloween pillow covers in the Shoppe; they are darling!  You probably also have a few decorations already that your family loves!  My kids have grown very attached to a few specific decorations. In fact, I personally am still attached to a ceramic pumpkin my mom made that was part of the decorations growing up. It's my favorite thing to get out every Halloween and always makes my heart warm and brings a smile! 


 - Build a Halloween Library!  I started collecting a few Halloween picture books when my kids were very small. They weren't scary stories, but fun books. Most nights in October we read one or more Halloween books at bedtime. I have fond memories of it. I tried to add a new book each year to keep it fun. Now we have a small collection and even though my kids are teenagers, I still get them out. And yes, I do even find them rereading them.  

Halloween books

 - Decorate Pumpkins!  I am not a huge fan of carving because it's so messy and the pumpkins rot faster, but the kids love it. Sometimes we carve, but some years we just paint on the pumpkins. Get creative with it... decorate a pumpkin like each member of your family or like a favorite character!  The time together doing it is what matters.  It's also a great way to dress up your porch!

 - Buy Halloween socks!  We have always had a tradition to dress up as a family. However, last year we had lots of schedule complications and decided not to spend the money on family costumes because we wouldn't be able to attend any parties etc. Instead we decided to all get Halloween socks. Surprisingly, it was still super fun! The kids seemed to really enjoy getting to pick out a pair that fit their likes and personality and they definitely wore them more than they would have a costume.

 - Make Toasted Pumpkin Seeds!  There has to be some bonus good to that mess when carving pumpkins!  Pumpkin seeds are it!  We think this last year we found the BEST recipe.  I will be sharing it with our email subscribers this next week, so make sure you are subscribed!

 - Plan a Halloween meal and set a Halloween table!  Meal time as a family is important time and having somewhere festive to eat in October, just really makes it more fun!  There are some fun placemats and Spider Web Chargers in the Shoppe to help you set up your table. Include your family in planning out accents like spiders, pumpkins or skeletons.  While at it, plan a special but simple meal to eat just on Halloween!  My kids look forward to eating the same food (that we don't eat any other time that year!) as part of their Halloween fun.

 - "Spook" Your Neighbors with a Treat!  I am not often the one to start this yearly tradition, but our family loves the sweet surprise when we get, "Spooked."  Maybe this year your family can get it going in your neighborhood.  Make or buy a treat.  Package it up fun.  Add a note to spread the fun along, then leave it on a neighbor's doorstep, knock and run.  Warm your heart and have an awful good time!   There are lots of printables available on the Internet if your family wants to do this one.  We will be sending out a free one to our email subscribers on 10/3!   

 - Play a Halloween Game!   Many common games can be given a Halloween twist. 

    • Wrap a family member like a mummy using toilet paper or plastic wrap.
    • Pumpkin Face:  Family members cover their face in Vaseline.  Put cheese balls on a table.  On “go” each person has to cover their face with cheese balls without using their hands.  After one minute, the person with the most cheese balls on their face wins!
    • Set up empty 2 liter soda bottles like bowling pins.  Use a pumpkin (the most round one you can find) for your bowling ball and go bowling.  
    • Play Hide and Go Seek in the dark.   The “Seeker” gets the only flashlight
    • Use witches hats and rings as a ring toss.
    • Have a Halloween Egg Hunt.  Fill small pumpkins or Halloween painted plastic eggs with treats.  Hide outdoors or around the house.  After dark, use only a flashlight and go hunting for them.


These are a few of our favorite ideas.  Want more fun Halloween ideas?  A quick web search will give you lots of games, crafts and treats.  Hope your October is filled with lots of Halloween family fun!

Hey, don’t miss out on the free Halloween treat box printable (10/3) and our favorite  pumpkin seed recipe (10/7) going out to our email subscribers… and there’s more fun to come after that!   Not a subscriber?  Join our email list now! The link to sign up is at the bottom of our site.  -- Signing up after these fun things have been shared?  Send us an email at hello@lemondropsnlilies.com and I will send them to you!   Happy Halloween!


Candace (:


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