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It's Friday and that means it's FAMILY FRIDAY here at Lemon Drops & Lilies!  This Friday is extra special because it's National Donut Day!  That's right, the first Friday in June is the day to celebrate with donuts!  What family member won't love that?  So, grab the family and make some special memories together!

So, how did National Donut Day come to be?  Well, it all started back during in 1917 during World War.  Helen Purviance and Margaret Sheldon were Salvation Army volunteers stationed along the soldiers.  They wanted to boost the spirits of the soldiers with comfort food, so they made donuts and gave them!  

Years later, in 1938, National Donut Day was began as a fundraiser for the Salvation Army, also honoring those first, "Doughnut Lassies" that made donuts for the soldiers of World War I.  

So, to start this Family Friday, why not learn a little bit about National Donut Day and it's beginning.  The Salvation Army has a simple video that teaches a little of the background.  It would be a perfect intro to teach your family before getting into all the fun.  



Now let's DONUT forget to get into the FAMILY FUN!   Choose from these ideas or think of some of your own to use with your family...

- Eat donuts!  Okay, this is a given, right!  There are so many fun ways to do this though...

  • Free donuts:  Many of you local donut shops might just be giving away free donuts, so check it out.  So far I have heard that Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme are!  Krispy Kreme is even doubling the donuts if you show you've had your Covid-19 Vaccine.  
  • A Donut Dinner:  Did you know donuts aren't just for dinner?  A new fad is using plain donuts as the "bun" for hamburgers and sandwiches.   I first heard of it at the Gourdough's in Austin, Texas.  If you haven't had a donut dinner, now might be a great time to take the family on an adventure by finding a local donut restaurant or trying it out at home! 
  • Taster's Table:  Visit a donut store and choose a variety.  Cut them into pieces and have a taster's table of some new donut flavors and a few of your old favorites.
  • Make your own Donuts:  Okay, this sounds like loads of fun doesn't it?  There are lots of different recipes on the Internet you can try.   Not sure you are ready to take it on?  Take a donut making class online with my darling friend Mama Lisa!  You can make glazed, maple, chocolate and creme filled donuts and you have 4 weeks to watch.  This might be a month's worth of Family Fridays!
  • Make a Game of it:  Tie donuts to a string and hang them from a pole (like a broom handle etc.) Have two family members hold the pole while the others have a contest eating their donuts without using their hands!

- For younger children, try this Donut Printable Activity book by  Some of the activities are even educational.  You could have a coloring contest with the coloring page, or just listen to music, eat donuts and complete some of the pages.


Share Donuts:  Rather you make them or buy them, this is a perfect opportunity to encourage your family to show some love and share!  As a family, buy or make donuts and package them up for a neighbor, a widow or widower, first responders or just whomever you think needs some love or appreciation.  

- Read Donut Books:  This is another great idea if you have little ones, read some donut books.  You all know the classic story of If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, well did you know there is a donut version too?  Yep, If you Give a Dog a Donut might be your child's new goto book and it's certainly fun on National Donut Day.  Want some more donut book ideas?  Click here to check out this list of donut books compiled by Collin County Mom's Collective.   


- Write with "Donuts":  Okay, you've seen it... there is a pun around every corner and DONUT forget it!  See if your family can have some fun using the word donut to write poetry, a story, puns, songs or use the letters to see how many words you can make.  You could even use your Scrabble tiles and build off the word DONUT.  There are so many fun things you could do here!  Get creative! 


- Learn How Donuts are Made:  If you decided not to make your own donuts, this is a great chance to learn how donuts are made.  There are some cool videos on YouTube you can watch or see if you can even get a tour at a local donut shop before you buy some donuts!


Comment below and let me know how your Family Donut Day goes!   I would love to hear what activities you did!





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