July 2021- Family Friday Ideas

Hey there!  Ready for some more fun with your family this month? Here we go!

Each week in July I will add a Family Friday idea here for you to have fun and make memories with your family!  Check back each week!

Week 1 - It's UFO Day! (Yes, it's an actual thing!)

Celebrate with some of these fun ideas.  Be sure to read on to get some links for even more resources!


  • Check out these alien food ideas on Pinterest!  Click here!
  • Check out this list of family friendly alien movies by Common Sense Media.  Click here


Week 2 - Cool down with this simple water game!

Week 3 - Kindness Rocks

This is one of my favorite family activities we have done.  You've probably heard of them before and hopefully you've even been happily surprised by them. We have an entire trail here where I live that has them all along it. What a great way to bring joy and encouragement to the world! My teenagers even enjoyed this! Grab your family and share some kindness!


Week 4 - Summer Olympics & Homemade Ice Cream

The Summer Olympics begin this Friday!  This is a fun opportunity to gather your family and enjoy and appreciate these amazing athletes and all their hard work!  While you are watching why not make homemade ice cream?  I've included our favorite recipe below.  We are big fans of using Cookies and Cream or Chocolate pudding flavors!

Want to have some olympics of your own?  I loved some of these family Olympic ideas shared by  The Creative Bite.  Click here to check out these ideas!


Week 5 - Would you rather?

This game was something I first did when I was teaching school.  Just recently I was driving my quietest child somewhere and wanted to get her talking.  I decided to try asking her a few questions and it worked!  Pretty soon she was sharing all sorts of stuff with me, all prompted by a options and wanting to explain her choices.  Give it a try!  Be sure to grab the idea list link at the bottom!



Check out this list of 100 Would you Rather Questions that I found shared on Sign Up Genius.  Click here to see it!  You could make a family night out of it or do what I did... I printed it out and put it in my car to pull out on drives and get the family talking!  Enjoy! 


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