Keeping Christ in your Family Christmas - Part 1: Decorations


Keeping Christ in your Family Christmas - Part 1: Decorations 

The Christmas season is a favorite time at our house!  It’s a special season filled with so much tradition, simple fun and excitement that sometimes we can lose track of what the season is really all about.  I find when I intentionally plan, we stay more focused on the true meaning of Christmas.  So today, I'm sharing some ideas with you of how to keep Christ as the focus of your holiday, while still enjoying all the fun of the season... I think you can enjoy Santa, elves and hot chocolate while still celebrating our Savior! 

We hope you enjoy this three part Blog Series focused on helping you bring Christ into your family Christmas! 

So, if you've been around long, you know I love to decorate for the holidays and Christmas is definitely no exception!  It's actually my favorite season to decorate for!  (It's the season where my husband is even okay with me buying about any decor I want because he loves the season so much!  I have to hold myself back!)  I try to keep it from getting out of control, but our family does love a beautiful holiday house... 

Finding ways to add reminders of the Savior in your decorating is a great way to Keep Christ in Christmas and there are so many ways to do it…

Add a picture of Christ.  This is probably the simplest ways to add Him to your decor.  I suggest having a picture of Christ up in your home all year,  but if you don't already, it's a great time to add one.   It's also a wonderful time to feature a print of the nativity scene.  Use a picture  on your wall, mantle, a shelf, or you could even nestle it in your Christmas tree!    

    Any picture of Christ will be perfect, but I do especially love this one by Greg Olsen.  I love his portrayal of Santa Claus holding the figurine of the baby Jesus.  His poem ties Christ and Jesus together so beautifully as well; I just love it!  (Click the photo to see how to get one. This is NOT an affiliate link... I just love his artwork!)



    Adding a nativity is a wonderful way to add Christ to your holiday decor.  There are so many unique styles of nativities that you can find one that fits your home and style… they often become family heirlooms that are passed down. 

    Our family nativity is one that my mom made many years ago and it’s my favorite piece to get out each year and I hope someday that I will pass it onto one of my kids to be in their home.

    If you don't have a nativity, consider having your kids color a Nativity mural or banner for your decorating!  (Link to one in the download!)

    Another beautiful way is to add ornaments and more that remind you of the real Reason for the Season.   Our Names of Christ are a favorite for doing just that.   I personally have felt the true peace having such a piece added to your decor can bring.

    6" Names of Christ Ornaments - from our Shoppe.


    Last year was a hard Christmas for me... My mom passed away in early December so everything just felt off.   One sweet Christmas memory stands out though...

    I came home from an emotionally exhausting day making preparations for her funeral and being with my dad.  It was quiet and my family was already in bed.  I caved into the couch and just sat. I felt totally empty.
    The Christmas tree lights were on and I noticed the Names of Christ placed throughout our tree.  A flood of complete peace washed over me...  I knew I would get through this hard time... I knew HE would help me. 
    Now although your family may not be in need of the peace I was at that time, we all need his peace. HE is the real REASON FOR THE SEASON.  Decorating in a meaningful way will help you to feel that. 

     We love ornaments on your tree, but you use these pieces to accent your home more than just on your tree… weave them into wreaths, garlands, or create groupings in different places in your home.  You can even add special reminder touches to your dinner table!  

                      12" Names of Christ Set from our Shoppe.

    So, as you decorate this holiday season, look for ways you can include the Savior in your decorating.  What reminders of HIM can you add to bring a beautiful peace and focus to your holiday?






    ** This post is part of a 3 part series on Keeping Christ in Your Family Christmas.  Check out these blog posts for more ideas on how to Keep Christ in Christmas this year!



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