Last Minute Halloween Ideas That Won't Stress You Out!


Yup, I know how it goes!  You're a busy momma with a busy family!  How did Halloween creep up so fast?!! (Guess that's what Halloween does... CREEP... get it?). 

Do not stress, I've got some fun last minute ideas that you can totally pull off in now time!




Like a Halloween breakfast?  We love our mini waffle spider web waffle iron, but if you're looking at this the night before, running out to the store probably isn't going to work.  No Sweat!  We found a great idea to make your own spider web pancakes!   Click the photo to see how to easily make them!  Bet you have pancake batter in your cupboard!



This is one of our favorite simple traditions!  When our kids were young it was about making sure they ate something before going trick or treating.  Now, it's just a special celebration at home before the trick-or-treaters come.

Chili or stew is always a fun option and you can even use canned if you aren't up for making it.  We love using bread dough to shape into spiders, but even an ordinary breadstick is good.  Just call it witch's brew!

Our favorite though is making Mummies!  You can grab a free printable recipe here on our site!  All you need is hotdogs and crescent dough! 


Sometimes we enjoy a spooky colored drink too... Koolaid works well (We call it monster punch), but even if it's water, you can add food coloring to make it fun! 


If you are reading this before Halloween, you will totally want to grab our darling Spider Web Placemat set while in the shop!  They are a piece you will use year after year, every Halloween to make a spooky cute Halloween Table!


Even if your minutes before Halloween meal, you can grab our Halloween Conversation Starters to add!  Although our Wood Bat Conversation Starters are our ultimate favorite, these printables are a super fun last minute option that will bring just as much conversation fun!  Just download, print and cut.  Grab them HERE




Another fun way to make  Halloween morning, day and night fun is to simply play Halloween music.  Cue Spotify!  Just search "Halloween" and you'll have choices.



There's always the Halloween goto of watching a movie, but what about some Halloween games?   

  • Halloween Charades:  Have everyone write down a few ideas on slips of paper and draw them out.
  • Halloween "Win, Lose or Draw":  Again, write ideas on slips of paper and take turns drawing (without talking) and see if family can figure them out)
  • Halloween Hangman:   Yup, just hangman, but with Halloween words

Bet you can think of a few ideas of your own now that you're warmed up!   What other simple Halloween games or ideas do you have?  Be sure to your ideas in the comments for all to gain from!


Hope your Halloween is super fun friends!    



PS - Don't forget to check out our shop while you are here!  We love the holidays and bet you will find something you love too!  

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