Why You Need a Birthday Box and How to Create it


Have you ever spent all the time decorating and prepping for a special birthday, just to find you forgot the birthday candles?  How about having to run to the store for supplies after a long day, because you need balloons and streamers? Ever felt like you wish your birthday look went together easier?

Prepping for birthdays can sometimes feel like a lot when life is so busy.  We have the answer... 

This is our best tip for making birthdays easier and looking great... 



What's a Birthday Box?  

A Birthday Box is everything birthday in one box, ready to go! Just add cake and presents!  -- We suggest creating one in a medium sized, sturdy, clear plastic tote.  We like clear because you can see what's inside easily.


Why do I need a Birthday Box?

A birthday box is a game changer! imagine having all the perfectly curated birthday pieces ready to go. No more scrambling last minute, no more having to shop for the next theme. keep everything together in one box, ready to go. Birthday prep becomes a cinch!

Be ready to create the decor and traditions your family loves in just minutes. so You have more time to make memories.


What goes inside?

Anything you love to use for birthdays goes inside, but here is our list of our favorite pieces...


Tradition Pieces 

These are high quality coordinated reusable birthday pieces you will use year after year (not paper disposables).  They are the tradition pieces your family looks forward to birthday after birthday.  We consider these the celebration must-haves!

  • Birthday Table Runner or Table Cloth
  • Happy Birthday Banner 
  • Birthday Plate (for a place setting for the birthday boy/girl or a cake plate)
  • Birthday Glass (for a place setting for the birthday boy/girl)
  • optional - Cake Stand (to show off the birthday treat!)

We have a curated Birthday Box in the Shoppe with add on pieces that will give you the full decoration and celebration tradition pieces, all coordinated and ready to go!  We've made it easy!  Click HERE to check it all out! 



Birthday Consumables 

Anything that is consumed each birthday falls into this category. There's a suggested list to add to your box below to get you started.  

  • Crepe paper streamers
  • Balloons (in a variety of coordinating colors)
  • Balloon garland tape (for making balloon garlands - replace as needed) 
  • Glue dots (for balloon garlands - replace as needed)
  • Birthday paper goods (plates, cups, napkins & plastic ware)
  • Birthday candles (cuz it's the worst to forget these!)
  • Tape (masking and clear- replace as needed)
  • Optional - wrapping paper (big rolls won't store well in a tote though)

We like to restock with consumables on the next shopping trip after each birthday.  Then you're set to go for the next birthday!  Game changer!  No more forgotten birthday candles!



Decorating Tools

We have found keeping essential decorating tools right in our birthday box makes it so much easier!  Just start decorating!

  • Scissors
  • Command Hooks (perfect for hanging balloon garlands, etc.)
  • Fishing line (helpful for hanging balloon garlands)
  • Window makers (so fun for writing birthday notes on mirrors or windows!)
  • Balloon pump (so much better than blowing by yourself!)


Once you have your Birthday Box created, you'll be ready to decorate and celebrate with tradition your family loves in just minutes... so then you'll  have more time to make memories!   Create your box today!


Want a peek inside our family's Birthday Box?  Click the video to see! 


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 --- Your Tablescape friend!


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