POP into Summer - It's an end of the School Year Celebration!

Are you as ready for summer as we are around here?  

The summer itch has started and we are tired and drudging through the last few days of school, eagerly awaiting Summer Break!   (Are you feeling it too?) So I decided a SUMMER CELEBRATION was definitely in need!  I'm sharing this simple idea with you so you and your family can celebrate a wonderful school year and a memory waiting to happen summer break starting too!!  

When my kids arrive home on the last day of school, this is what will welcome them, this POP INTO SUMMER TREAT BAR! Isn't it so fun?!

It's the perfect way to start celebrating summer break and create another sweet memory! It's great for a full end of the school year party or just partying with your own family fun!

We've got everything you need to bring this celebration to your house...

  • Start with a colorful summery runner ... we used the striped side of our "Happy Birthday Runner" from our Lemon Drops & Lilies Shoppe! (We love a runner with many purposes!)  Colorful wrapping paper is an easy option too. 
  • Use an XL Dough bowl or tray for holding your goodies!  We used our Sheila Dough Bowl in white! (It's 38" long so it will hold a lot of treats not to mention your lovely decor the rest of the time!)  If your tray or dough bowl isn't food safe, be sure to line it (parchment or butcher paper work great) if food will touch it.
  • Add bowls of differing sizes to fill (use fun shapes if you have them - you can even go for colors).  

  • Now for the treats:  We used a variety of POPcorn flavors, sodaPOP and POPsicles, but you could really use whatever fun treats your family loves. Fill in blank space outside the dishes with a wrapped candy, drink boxes, etc.  You can see I used ice in the large bowl to keep those popsicles chilly!  


I used:

     - Twin popsicles

     - Cosmos Creations Coconut Crunch & Salted Caramel Puffed Corn

     - PopArt Sweet & Salty " w/ Sparkles" Kettle Corn

      - sodas

      - salt water taffy



Grab the FREEBIES to finish off the look! (click the text links)

We've collaborated with some of our friends to bring some FREEBIES to finish your summer party!

  • Free "Summer" printable designed by our friends at Dash + Roo. (You will love their banners!) Just print, cut and string!


  • Free "30 Summer Bucket List Ideas" from The Mm-hmm Shop! (Their shop is all about connecting & making memories!) There is even a download page for creating your family's own summer bucket list!  Eat the fun treats and make your summer bucket list! 


Hope you enjoy kicking this summer off to a fun start with this idea!  Be sure to join our email list with the link below to get inspo and fun like this to your email box all year long!


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