The Powerful Influence of Meaningful Decor

     Do you realize the powerful influence you have when you decorate your home? 

     My mother had a talent for making our home beautiful and comfortable.   A few years ago, I had an experience that showed me how she had also taught me through our home. Out of the blue one day, a scripture that hung on the wall of my childhood home, nearly 30 years earlier, kept coming to my mind.  I couldn’t believe I remembered it.   I thought the Lord was just reminding me how important what I put in our family home was.  It helped me refocus on what my family sees on the walls, shelves, magnet board and even the fridge.  About a week later, I noticed a framed version of that childhood scripture at a favorite store. You better believe I snapped it up and immediately displayed it in my home.  

     About two weeks after the original recollection of the scripture, and still with daily thinking of it, my church leader asked me to take a rather demanding music responsibility with the youth in our church.   I love music, but have no musical talent.  My reply in fact was, “You know I don’t even know how to lead music right?”  He was shocked, but shared some details that should have solidified for me that the Lord wanted me to serve there.  Unfortunately, I still struggled to know that myself.  

     Soon I received a call from the woman in my church over the youth organization.  I was still feeling totally unsure this was what the Lord wanted me to do.   She gave me her experience of knowing the Lord wanted me to do this; my fears stayed.  She then said the year’s theme/focus for the youth organization.  It was the very scripture that hung on my childhood wall all those years ago!  I instantly was brought to tears and overwhelmed by the Spirit.  I fully then knew that the Lord had used the memory of something in my home 30 years earlier to tell me he was fully aware of me, my talents, my weaknesses and that yes, this was in fact where he needed me at that moment, despite my inadequacies. I knew I was not alone.  It was a powerful experience. 

     I share this to remind you of the power you have when you put meaningful things in your home. I am so grateful my mother hung that in our home and the Lord used it to teach me.  How we decorate our homes isn't just about beauty, it's about influencing our families.  What hangs on our walls, sits on our shelves and adorns our mantels matters.  It can inspire and create faith!  Inspire your family!  Build memories! Teach directly and indirectly with what you put in your home!  Create a home that even the memory of 30 years later can answer their prayers and inspire your children! 

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