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Making someone feel especially loved is what the best birthdays are all about.

As Moms, we bring the magic to birthdays and that can feel overwhelming.  Especially because we love the little details that can really make a day special and make them feel loved. 

A few years back I found myself totally overwhelmed getting ready for my son and husband's birthday (Yes, they share a birthday!). It was a month after Christmas and I felt I was still recovering from Christmas!  I was up late decorating, making desserts, wrapping gifts and more getting ready for their birthdays. Here I was doing "all the things" to get ready for this special day and instead of feeling excited, I was feeling exhausted and just wanting to get to the day after. (I love my boys, but I was so tired!)  I realized there had to be a better way than what I was doing!  This exhausted mom wanted to show up ready to celebrate, not ready for a nap and wanting to skip out. 


What came of that was the building of better birthday traditions... a tradition can be simple and still pack a punch!  Ultimately creating a better, more memorable birthday experience for everyone, without having to reinvent the wheel with the next over the top party theme! It's ultimately what began our Birthday Collection in the Shoppe too... I was so thrilled with how birthdays weren't overwhelming and loved the traditions we had created that I wanted every mom to experience it!  


I started creating tradition in three ways,  the decor, the food and the celebrating I've broken each of these into separate blog posts to keep things organized and simple.   I have collected ideas from other moms in our Lemon Drops & Lilies community as well as shared things we are doing in our family.

Check out the full blog series by clicking the links below and be sure to get your FREE Busy Mom's Birthday Planner I put together!  It will be your best friend for helping simplify all the birthday prep and make your celebrations even more meaningful with traditions!  You can grab your copy HERE. 


You'll get a great an introduction to many of the birthday tradition ideas by watching below the  TV segment I was invited to do for  KSL Studio 5 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I had so much chatting with Brooke Walker and sharing some of our favorite birthday tradition ideas!  (To get all the ideas you will definitely want to check out the blog posts above for the full details!



Remember, DO NOT try to do it all!  The mom who tries to do everything is the stressed out mom!  Just pick a few key things that resonate with your family and repeat those year after year.  You will find that your family comes to crave those traditions and wouldn't think of letting you skip them! 


What birthday traditions do you have at your house?  I would love to hear!  Drop us a comment below!   

Don't forget to check out our Birthday Collection in the Shop to make your birthday celebrating easier!  We got you Momma!


Watch my segment with KSL Studio 5 below. 


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