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About Us

Welcome to Lemon Drops & Lilies!  

Hi, I'm Candace!   I am a wife, mother to three beautiful humans, teacher, crafter, traveler, musical theater lover and ice cream enthusiast.  What I love most though is being a wife and mother.  I know the most important work I will ever do is within the walls of my own home.

I love choosing just the right items to put in my home. Decor is not just beauty, but part of a family's lifestyle.  It's encouragement for the good patterns and habits of our lives.  What hangs on the walls, what sits on the shelves, how we gather and how we celebrate are all opportunities to strengthen and inspire our family... as well as make it look pretty!  Out of this, Lemon Drops & Lilies was born. 

Our mission at Lemon Drops & Lilies is to offer families products to create your own beautiful, tradition based home that strengthens family habits, relationships and inspires goodness.  Welcome to a practical collection of quality, wholesome decor and goods with beauty, family and inspiration in mind.  We're glad you are here!