7 Tips for a Family Command Center

     Summer is over!  Well, at least my kids went back to school yesterday, so we are trying to transition back to stricter bedtimes and more of a routine.  There have been a few slight bumps in the road making the transition,  but the good news is everyone made it to the first day of school happy and on time!  

     I love the start of a new school year... maybe it's the former school teacher in me, but I find it such a "restart".  It's the perfect time to spruce up your study spaces and organize those spots that are critical for keeping your family organized.  

     For us, having a family command center is critical.  It’s a family organization must have!  If you aren’t sure what I’m referring to, a family command center is a space to hold all your family's important information (and I will add STUFF) so that everyone can find it.  The busier your family, the more you need one!  

     Want to know what to put in your family command center?  For me, it’s not only a place for a calendar and reminders.  It's a place for the dance bag, backpack and a place to have a chance to keep them inspired.  I really love to add spiritual reminders, motivational quotes etc.  Anyway I can put good into my kiddos' brains, I want to!  I love inspiration and organization bundled into one!

     Our family command center has morphed over the years.  We've had different needs as the kids went through different stages.  No two family centers will look the same cuz our families are all unique.   I will say it's been a part of keeping our family organized that I totally value!  Being real though, I have not been good at this for the last year.  My family’s needs have changed recently and I haven’t done a great job of changing with it.  My kids have been teasing me that our calendar still says October.  Yes, it's true!  I have felt the Lord prompting me to refocus and get organized, so I plan to revamp it over the next couple weeks!  Want to join me?  


7 Tips for creating your Family Command Center:

  • Pick the right spot:  Choose a spot where your family will always see and use it!  Some common spots are the mudroom or entry where your family enters your home (like just off the garage) or a desk/counter area in or near the kitchen.  If those don't work for your family, a hallway can also be a great spot.  
  • Add a calendar:   This is probably the most important thing!  Choose if you want it to be a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly calendar, but add a calendar!  Even if you are digital family, a good visible reference spot for big events and holidays is so helpful!  A large dry erase or even paper calendar works great! 
  • Add a note space:  Have somewhere you can write.  This can be used for a weekly menu, important reminders, a to-do list or notes to each other.  Dry erase boards, chalkboards or a clipboard with paper works well for this!  Our family really liked each family member having their own mini dry erase board to write their own reminders (and sometimes mom added to it too!)
  • Add Hooks:  Having somewhere to keep backpacks and jackets is so convenient and makes the before school rush less stressful!  If you don't have built in "lockers," (we don't), you can purchase wall hook pieces or mount metal hooks straight to your wall or cabinet.  This is a piece I would never go without!  If you are building your command center at a desk, find a hall spot for hooks.  They are a must have!
  • Add Bins or a Wall organizer for Common Use Items:  This is an option you can really customize to your family's needs.  Bins under a bench are nice for keeping kids activity stuff like athletic equipment or dance bags.  A wall organizer is great for books, homework packets, mail etc.  Our family really liked labeling the wall bins so each child had their own wall bin to keep their papers, reading books, notes and a pencil bag with all their supplies in it for easy homework access.  Our  Three Pocket Wall Organizer is a great option!

  • Add a Desk Organizer.  If you have a family desk area, you will need a desk organizer to keep the clutter of pencils, notepads, cell phones, keys etc.  Be sure to take a look at our multi compartment Cornel Desktop Organizer in the Shoppe.  It comes in white or stained wood


  • Add a personal touch:  This is the fun part!  Get creative and add your family motto, a seasonal quote, weekly scripture or a special family photo.  You could even put a magnet board where everyone can add pictures and quotes they find.  Doing something to make it feel personal and fun will go a long way to keep your family using it.  Take a look at our Letterboard Kit; it's the perfect option for adding a quote or scripture that looks classy but can still be changed as often as you like!  


     I hope this gets your thinking on how to incorporate or refresh your family command center.  I think a key is creating what works for your family and changing it as your family changes.  I would love to hear how your Family Command Center turns out!  Please comment and tell me what piece you are most excited for!



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